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Teaching English

The lesson planning Class will cover the creation of lesson plans for teachers to use in teaching students at various levels in schools.

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The lesson plans were prepared and designed with a practical approach in mind, and my 25 years of teaching experience made them simple to use.

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The lesson plans are designed with a practical approach in mind, and teachers can download the lesson plans in pdf format to use offline.

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Preparing lesson plan for students

Teach English

The first tip for any teacher is to know her/his class, which includes knowing the students she/he will be teaching. Speaking and writing in English necessitate communication skills, which teachers must instill in their students.

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Learn Lesson Planning from an experienced teacher and get a lesson plan immediately.

Lesson Plans

Teachers will get lesson plans to teach comfortably and efficiently in their classrooms.


Lesson Planning: A Tool for Student Success

Lesson planning is a tool for the success of students, teachers, and classrooms. An experienced teacher will explain to you the success story of teaching, where lesson planning is the most sought-after tool for students’ success. Lesson planning is the heart of pedagogy, and pedagogy is the heart of classroom teaching.

Lesson Plans

Class 12 English

The Complete Class 12 English Solution for CBSE and HBSE. Flamingo&Vistas complete NCERT Solution

Examination solutions

Complete Exams CBSE/HBSE

Complete examination solutions of CBE and HBSE

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