Activities for Bagless Days with Complete Lesson Plan

Activities for Bagless Days with Complete Lesson Plan where the role of the principals and teachers is most important for the best utilisation of bagless day to enhance students and creativity

Although schools have different schedules for Saturday, I am making a broad lesson plan for the no bag day where students, teachers, and the principals have to play their roles to really make the day a bagless day in the true sense.

Activities for Bagless Days with Complete Lesson Plan

Activities for Bagless Days with Complete Lesson Plan

The principal is the pedagogical leader of the school, and an effective school principal can bring great change to the school if the principal has some characteristics. It’s his sole responsibility to draught a plan for the bag-free day after discussion with the teachers and students.

Generally, the school’s hours are six and a half, and how can we achieve the best results by utilising this time? Thus, a proper lesson plan is required to implement the bagless day in its true sense. You can have different opinions, and you might not agree with what I have planned for my school.

Therefore, whatever your lesson plans for the bagless day, implement them with enthusiasm; otherwise, the motto of the day will be spoilt and it will be the same as other days in the school. Teachers and principals should prepare themselves for 10 bagless days for the students in NEP, which is going to be implemented soon.

Divide Bagless Day in Four Sections

What do you mean by ’10 Bagless Days’?

The aim of 10 bagless days in the schools is to learn the vocational courses from the school level itself. Our schools curriculums are dominated by theoretical concepts where the scope of vocational courses are of no importance.

The NEP 2020 proposes to expose at least 50 percent of students to vocational education and subjects. We have also seen in teaching experiences that the most of the students feel burden in the class as they are not exposed to any vocational courses. Therefore, NEP has addressed this issue of vocational courses.

Students will be engazed in activities involving the mind, hands, and heart, students will be attracted to and sensitised to the workplace.

The basic concept of 10 bagless days is to incorporate occupational issues into the teaching-learning process from grades 6 to 8. It will bridge the gap between bookish knowledge and knowledge application and expose children to skills in work sectors, assisting them in deciding on future career paths, as is done in developed countries where students who do not want to continue traditional education opt for vocational courses and easily obtain jobs.

Multi-skill activities will promote the development of multiple talents, soft skills, aesthetic values, cooperation, teamwork, prudence, raw material utilisation, creativity, quality, and so on. In addition, the NCERT will develop a practice-based curriculum for grades 6 through 8.

During classes 6 to 8, students can take a fun course and engage in a 10-day bagless programme where they will learn and intern with local vocational experts such as Carpenters, Gardeners, Potters, and so on. Sports artists will be employed to enhance enrichment activities such as arts, quizzes, sports, and crafts.

Children will also be exposed to activities outside of school through excursions to historical, cultural, and tourist sites. They will also have the opportunity to interact with local artists, artisans, and craftspeople, as well as tour higher education institutions in their village, tehsil, district, or state. NCERT will design a practice-based curriculum for classes 6 to 8 while developing the syllabus.

Objectives Behind 10 Bagless Days and Lesson Plan

  • To increase observational learning instead of theoritical, capacity, and practise opportunities.
  • To develop an understanding of communal interdependence and interconnectedness.
  • Classroom interdependence with theoretical and practical application
  • Promote labour dignity through hands-on activities and current loans. Local jobs include carpentry, electrical work, gardening, pottery, and so on.
  • Interact with local artisans and craftspeople to promote and grow the concept of vocal with locals.

The concept of 10 bagless days in schools promotes experiential learning and creativity among pupils. It also provides students with adequate possibilities to learn about activities about which they were previously unaware and to show their interest in many vocational disciplines and fields in an inclusive and equal atmosphere.

Activities for Bagless Days with Complete Lesson Plan

Learning ActivitiesLearning OutcomeRemarks
Prayer, National Anthem, Speech by Students and Teachers, and Principal's Address for the whole day's activities Yoga and PTSpeaking Skills, Health Development after YogaThese activities will be in prayer Ground for 1.30 to 2.00 hrs.
Break for 15 MinutesStudents will relaxed for 15 mins.The break will under supervision of PTI
This will be a guided activities
Lunch Break for MDMWhat is being cooked and how it's cookedLunch will be under supervision of MDM teacher.
Competitive skills development like leadership, sportsmanship.All teachers are given different responsibility.

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