Lesson Plan of Past Continuous Tense

Teachers are free to download a free pdf of the Lesson Plan of Past Continuous Tense and can easily utilise the Lesson Plan of Past Continuous Tense to teach their students in different classes. The effective lesson plan of ‘Lesson Plan Past Continuous Tense’ is the foundation of teaching English to the students as it is frequently used in our daily life where students have to write reports in their academic. The  Simple Past Tense Lesson Plan will boost the interest of children in tenses and will be able to solve the conditional tenses also. The lesson plan of tenses by a teacher will provide the right approach to teaching tenses. This lesson plan of Past Tense can also be used by B.Ed. students.

Lesson Plan of past continuous tense

Lesson Plan of Past Continuous Tense

Aim: Students will be able to recognize past continuous verbs and able to use them in the sentences.Tools: textbook, chalk, green board, smart class, blackboard

Teaching Method:
Activity 1: Warm-Up
Ask some questions to check students’ previous knowledge about the topic.

Activity 2:
Explain students by giving ample examples of past continuous tense by whatever you were doing during the lecture in the class.
(a) I was teaching.
(b) All students were listening to the lecture.
(c) I was holding chalk.
(d) I was reading a book.

Activity 3: Give students some words and ask them to describe that particular word using past continuous tense.
Example: office work – My father was working in his office.


  • Divide the class into four groups. Ask each group to imagine that they are on some school trip.
  • Ask them to write the imagined situation sentences in the past continuous tense.
  • The group with the maximum number of examples will win.

Review: Write some incomplete sentences on the board and ask the students to complete those sentences using the past continuous tense.

Tense chart will help teachers of English to plan a lesson, Lesson Plan of Past Continuous Tense Thus, the correct use of the lesson plan of tenses may help both teachers and students. Whatever method you adopt, you have to write a lesson plan as per your method on paper. Simple Past Tense Lesson Plan Continuous tense is the lesson plan in the lesson plan of past tense series. You can have a different approach to teaching grammar to the students. Here, in this blog, I am writing a lesson plan, just as I teach my students. Simple Past Tense Lesson Plan.Lesson Plan:

What are the objectives of past tense lesson plan?

Students will be comfortable in:

  • Use the past tense form of the verb to show actions that happened a long time ago.
  • Know the sentence structures in each of the forms of sentences.
  • Construct sentences in the past tense in affirmative, interrogative and negative forms.
  • Understand the importance of the past in English.
  • understand and practice tenses in different situations like report writing and conditional tenses.
  • know 12 tenses and their structure.
  • know that past tenses are the foundation of learning English Grammar.
  • Usage of verbs in examination and other places.
  • Will boost your knowledge towards learning complete tenses.

Prerequisites of Lesson Plan

Students are already comfortable with understanding

  • Structure of tenses:
    1. S+V1+O.
    2. S+V2+O.
    3. S+WIIL/SHALL+V1+O.
  • number of tenses in English grammar,
  • assertive, negative, and interrogative sentence structures,
  • number of tenses in grammar
  • know the three tenses, present indefinite, continuous, and perfect tenses at a comfortable level.

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How do you write a past continuous tense lesson plan?

Lesson Overview

Name of the School:

Target Class: 



Total Periods Allotted: 1

Duration: 45 Minutes

Name of the Teacher: 

Goal: Students will be able to correctly use past tense. They will be able to describe events from the past using the past tense.

The topic of Lesson Plan or Sub-topic: 12 Tenses_Simple Past Tense Lesson PlanMaterial  Used in Class for teaching tenses:

  • English Grammar, Tense Charts, Chalk, White Board, White Board Markers, Big Clock, Note Books, Worksheets, Digital Board, and if possible internet connection.

Lesson Plan Activity in Classroom:

Stage Instructions Black Board Activity Timings
Teaching Technique Learning English language by telling the importance of past tense, Students will understand the tenses in the general and past tense in particular. Students are divided into three groups to identify the tenses which they have done before.

Identify the tenses written on the blackboard.


  1. Warm-up Exercise
  2. Ask some questions to check the students’ prior knowledge of the lesson of the day.
  3. Write some V2( Second form of verbs).


Present Tense, Past Tense, and Future Tense Learning the 12 Tenses in English Grammar, the beginning of the English learning language Read these sentences:

  • I work. 
  • I worked till 7 p.m.
  • I will work on this matter tomorrow. 

Structure of tenses:

  1. S+V1+O.
  2. S+V2+O.


  1. Warm-up Exercise:

Assess your pupils’ prior knowledge of the simple past tense by asking questions like which type of tense you use in Report Writing.

Activity 2: Write a few sentences where adverbs like Last Night, Last Week, Yesterday.

Ask the following questions:

  • What did you do yesterday when you reached home at 3 p.m.?
  • What did your mother serve in lunch last night?
  • Did you visit the temple in your village last week?
  • What did you do in prayer today?

Activity 3: Write some V2, second forms of verbs

  • wrote, visited, played, worked, served, danced, died, left…

Note: Adding ‘d’/’ed’/’t’ to the base verb


10 mins.
Introduction My emphasis is more on learning the correct forms of verbs to make my students speak and write correct English.

Write several sentences on the board, then ask the students to circle the instances of the simple past tense.

The students will identify the tenses of the students and write them in their notebooks.

Examples of Tenses and verbs: 

I play in the present tense and I played in the past tense.

  • He plays hockey.
  • Do you know the 12 Tenses in English?
  • I know the 12 Tenses in English.
  • I learned the 12 Tenses in English yesterday.
  • I was doing my homework when my friend reached home.
  • They were playing hockey when the coach reached the ground.
  • I had finished my work when he reached my home.
  • The patient had died before the doctor reached. (The most common and favorite sentence of students).
  • I have been teaching English for the last 25 years.
  • I reached home late yesterday night.
  • I visited my mom yesterday.
  • I delivered a speech in prayer today.


10 mins.
Tenses Drill sentences structure and understand time reference of simple Past Tense  

Subject + VERB2+OBJECT

  • He played hockey yesterday.
  • Last night, I visited my uncle’s home.
  • I started learning English when I was in class first.
  • I taught English in class 12 yesterday.
  • The accident happened on Jhajjar Gurugram Road when I was on my way to Gurugram.
  • They were playing hockey when the coach reached the ground.
  • The patient had died before the doctor reached.
  • The train had left before I reached the station.

These sentences refer to past time. We used past tense in different forms.

5 mins
Pair Activity The students are divided into three groups and ask them to write as many examples of the simple past tense as they can, ask them to discuss and debate in their groups.
The team with the most examples will lead.
Tense chart will help teachers of English to plan a lesson and help for learning teaching past continuous tense


  • The bell…….before I reached the school.
  • Last Saturday, I …….. at home.
  • The clock …….. (just strike) twelve.
  • Did we ……………. (consider) all this before?
  • They ………… Panchkula yesterday. (to burn)
  • 1. We ………..World Environment Day yesterday.(A) celebrated(B) celebrating(C) celebrate(D) have celebrated
10 mins
Writing Excercise 1. Write down 10 exercises to fill in the correct form of verbs. Home Work: 2. Ask the students to write 10 sentences of tenses at home.

Note: Introduction of conditional tenses as they are part of the tenses for that a full lesson plan will come soon…

Conditional Tenses, part of 12 tenses that use past tense

Ask students to write examples on the blackboard.

If I got a billion dollars, I would travel to the moon.

If I owned a house, I would let people live free.

If it rained you would start work at the site.

Note: Write 10 sentences of simple past tense in your notebook.

10 mins
 Conclusion  Students have got ideas of 12 tenses and past tense in particular. Assertive SentenceSubject + V2  + Object ;


Example: I spoke English
Negative SentenceSubject +did not+ V1  + Object ;

Example: I did not speak English yesterday.

Interrogative SentenceDid+Subject + V1  + Object? ;

Example:  Did I speak English yesterday?

Negative Interrogative SentenceDid+Subject +not+ V1  + Object? ;

Example: Did I not speak English yesterday?

 5 mins.

Learning Outcome of Past Continuous Tense

  • Students will learn the value of tenses in the general and past tenses in use.
  • Students can start writing the number of tenses and sentences of simple past tense.
  • Students will start reading and identifying the structure of the past tense.
  • Students can increase their LSRW (listening, speaking, reading, and writing).
  • Students can write something on their daily work by using simple tense.

My Opinion Of the Lesson Plan of Past Continuous Tense

I anticipate that using this lesson plan on the simple past tense will aid the pupils in better knowing the tenses. Teachers will also profit if they implement the advice I give them and use their inner strength and teaching instincts. In this lesson plan, students will study fundamental past tense verbs and sentences while having fun in class. Once they have mastered the past tense, students can talk about themselves and what they did yesterday, before class, over the weekend, on vacation, etc. The basic past tense is taught using both regular and irregular verbs in this blog’s thorough ESL lesson plan. Use lesson plans in your classes now, and don’t worry about what you write they will also serve as your daily diaries.

Lesson Plan Past Tense PDF

Worksheet: Past Indefinite Tense

  1. Last saturday, I……(stay) at home.(A) have stayed(B) had stayed(C) was staying(D) stayed
  2. I had finished my dinner when he ………(reach) my home.(A) reach(B) reached(C) had reached(D) will reach
  3. She ….leave home yesterday.I …..go to meet him last night.I …….receive his message a few weeks ago.2. Occasionally it is used without a verb of time and in such cases the time is implied.Examples:Riya…… learn German in Frankfurt.She didn’t sleep well.3. Past Indefinite is used for our past habits:She ….do yoga many times a day.I always….. carry a mobile

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